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Meeting in the Bicolored Study Groups

Meeting Program for Aarhus will follow

Meeting Program for Copenhagen, Spring 2016

Meeting Program for Vestsjælland will follow


Do it your self tool in Danish (DK) or English (E)

Intro to Bicolored DK ver. 1.1- by Tom Poulsen

Programm TOFARK new v. 1.06 DK - by Bo Sørensen

Tips on scanning stamps E

New version 7.02 of TOFDATA DK  - by Lasse Nielsen

The new pladningssystem DK - by Thomas Løjmann Jørgensen

Instruction to TOFDATA 4.01 in English - by Ed Mildenhall

New version 4.02 of TOFDATA - by Lasse Nielsen

Washing of stamp DK - by Jan Helding

RM 2 "vandre klicheer" DK/E, - by Bernd Stein

Perforations on skilling and early øre-stamps DK, - by Bernd Stein

Perforation KII, 1875 - 1879, øre-stamp DK, - Bernd Stein

The early 4 øre from print 1 to 12 DK, - by Bernd Stein

The early 8 øre from print 1 to 13 in DK, - Bernd Stein

The bicoloured 5 øre DK - Bernd Stein
Update december 2015

The Bicolored Study Group is a gathering of stamp collectors there in one way or another are interested in Bicolored stamps.

This site as a forum where you can share information with other collectors, ask questions, etc.

Bicolor is a term for a series of stamps with a uniform appearance from Denmark and the Danish West Indies, printed in two colors, that the Royal Danish Mail issued in the period 1870 
to 1905.

In Aarhus meet the East Jutland fraction of collectors of bicoloured in Viby J. Meeting Program can be found here

In Vestsjælland meets"The vestsjællandske study group of Bicolouredstamps" in Soro. Up-datede meeting program is available here.

The Bicolored Study Group is a fraction under KPK and we meets in Copenhagen in our new study room sponsored by KPK.
Meeting program for be found 

The website is not only a place where you can find new knowledge about the bicolored stamp. Collectors of bicolored can submit posts, where you can get your discoveries with its scan of the discovery publish. Other collectors can then comment on that and on the way there is a dialogue going on, which then can lead to new knowledge.

If you know more
The bicolored study group has members from all parts of the country and perhaps one near you so we can make contact in your area. You also have the opportunity to contact one of the following:

Study Group in Århus

Henning Bonde, tlf: +45 8675 0454



Study Group on Vestsjælland

Inga og Hans Mortensen, tlf: +45 5852 6710



Study Group in Copenhagen

Henrik Stilling, tlf: +45 6135 5750

Email: henrikstilling@post.cybercity.dk

Niels Hjersing, tlf: +45 29803621

Email: hjerdals@mail.tele.dk

Max Madsen, tlf: +45 4913 4517

Email: maxma@mail.dk

Claus Hedegaard, tlf: +45 4772 3200

Email: clh@tdcadsl.dk


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