25 Ýre tryk 3, pos.XXX, OF115 plus - 10.05.2011
Indsendt af: Ed Mildenhall - 09.05.2011
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Hi Hans,

I would like to thank both Max Madsen and Bernd Stein for their comments
regarding my previous requests for information about the 25ore printings.

One of my problems was with Print III Pos. 64 OF115. Bernd asked for a scan of the stamp and I am attaching it below together with an enlarged scan of the OFs from both my stamp and from one of the museum sheet scans that I downloaded from the web site. I think I must have taken a poor guess at position 64 but both the little bumps on the right side of the 'N' and the broken line to the
left of the Crown do look a lot like OF115.

Unfortunately I do not have copies of Print VI Pos.55 or Print VIII Pos. 81 so am not able to check if they are OF119 and OF46 respectively.

Regarding OF 39 I have previously seen the white dot between the D and A of DANMARK as well as the colour in the R of ORE (which varies in size) but have not observed the white dot between the legs of the K as well as the thick oval line under OSTF. Every additional marking is a great help as usually the cancel just manages to obscure a defining part of the stamp.

Best wishes, Ed


25 Ýre OF115-01.jpg

25 Ýre OF115-02.jpg