20 Ýre tryk 1b - ukendt pos. OF 28 ? 21.04.2008

Indsendt af: 15. marts 2008 - George Valby
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Dear Sir,

Please excuse my use of English, since I know very little Danish...

I use the 6 volume handbook for my studies, and have found a 20 ore stamp with apparently OF.28. This is not listed as occurring in tr. 1, but it is clear that the stamp has an inverted thick frame. From the color I place it as tr. 1b Much of the oval setting for tr 1b is grayed out in the handbook, i.e., unknown.

My question is, is there a central gathering point for such new information?

I attach a jpg file showing a scan of the stamp, for your information.

Thanks and best regards,

George Valby